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Version 5.02.0

Release Date: 9/15/2014
Listed in this section is the release information for the latest MoversSuite version available.

× FOR A COMPLETE LIST OF CHANGES: Please read the details for all versions between the release you are coming from and the release you are going to.

Past Versions Information


Please read the following announcements regarding functionality and hardware/software changes for this release of MoversSuite.

    The following requirements are needed for this release:

    • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 (Service Pack 2)
    • ATIP Version 12.0.7

    Note: Refer to the Hardware Requirements topic in our System Requirements for more information on the requirements for Microsoft Dynamics 2013.


    Upgrade Check Program Download and unzip the following program and run it on your application server. It checks your system for the prerequisite software needed prior to upgrading MoversSuite.
    Download Upgrade Check Program

Known Issues

    • Task User stripped from merged personnel records
      With the advent of the ability to merge personnel records (see Merging Personnel Records), the Task User on tasks only display for the primary record of the merge; tasks from records merged into the primary record no longer have the Task User set for them. (6908)
    • Only MoversSuite created documents available as No Order receivables
      Only MoversSuite created documents display in the Existing AR section for the “No Order” listing in Payment Application. The AR for the “No Order” should auto-populate with all non-MoversSuite created documents. (6899)
    • Unable to edit a Cash Receipt Batch
      In a prior release, we modified how a Cash Receipts batch is handled in Payment Management. Inadvertently, we also restricted the ability for a person to edit the batch, specifically to move a cash receipt to a voided batch. (6890)
    • Upward adjustment on a payment causing error
      In Payment Management, an error is returned in the specific case where a payment is received with an amount that is greater than the invoice amount and an upward adjustment is performed to take payment back to a zero balance. The error returned is “Applied amount cannot exceed the remaining positive AR balance on this invoice.” (6799)
    • Citrix issue with phone number control
      An issue that cannot be replicated is causing the phone numbers within the Shipper Contact Information section (Name, Address, Phone tab) to disappear and then reappear when a user clicks on that section, however, the user cannot edit them until they press Cancel (on the order) and then attempt to Edit again. (6409)



Release Fixes

General/Administration Fixes

    • Merge/Cancel buttons in wrong order in Merge Personnel
      The Merge and Cancel buttons were in the wrong order, which was causing some confusion since the application generally has the Cancel option to the right. The order of these buttons in the Merge Personnel dialog (see Merging Personnel Records) has been corrected to list Merge on the left and Cancel on the right. (6761)
    • Hide System Type in event type setup areas
      The System Type checkbox was appearing when defining new Equipment Event Type Setup and Personnel Event Type Setup records. The System Type flag is used internally by MoversSuite. (6426)

Integrations Fixes

    • UniGroup AOM Registration Send can blank out phone numbers
      UniGroup AOM Registrations Sends that do not include the phone number will no longer blank out existing phone numbers on the order (refer to UniGroup Downloads). (6468)

Claims Fixes

    • Task due date not set on certain dependency date type
      The Due Date for a claim (visible within the main Claim grid and within Claim Detail) was not being set on tasks associated to the Claim Settlement Assigned to Vendor Date dependency date (see Task Dependency Dates). (6755)

Payment Management Fixes

    • Auto Apply for invoices not working for some scenarios
      Negative items associated to service codes for an invoice were not showing in the Apply by Service dialog. These items, therefore were not included when auto-applying at the Invoice Level causing the Payment Balance to be non-zero when it appeared that all payments were satisfied. This Payment Application issue has been corrected. (6803)
    • Payment Balance not correct after upward adjust to fully applied Service Code Item
      When an upward adjustment was made to a fully applied item, the Payment Balance was not correct. The Payment Balance now updates correctly at all times (see Payment Application). (6793)
    • CSV Import not apply when driver number exceeds seven characters
      The application was not automatically applying to a vendor’s account on a CSV Import when the driver number exceeded seven characters. The Driver Number field has been increased to accommodate the largest possible driver number (15 characters; refer to the Driver Number filed in the Dispatch tab of Personnel Setup). (6504)

Payment Management & Revenue Entry Fixes

    • Reversals to commissions in MoversSuite causing incorrect Commission Statement
      Adjustments and reversals to commissions through MoversSuite were causing the Commission Statement to display incorrect data. MoversSuite was creating extra apply to documents that caused this problem; MoversSuite has been modified to no longer include incorrect apply to documents. (6787)
    • Reversing transactions already posted in Dynamics GP not apply to original transaction
      Recent changes to our ATIP integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP allowed for the process to handle multiple applies. However, if transaction that was already posted in Dynamics GP is reversed and then imported back into MoversSuite, the new transaction does not affect the original transaction. This issue has been corrected in this version of MoversSuite. (6775)

Tasks Fixes

    • Update Tasks to better utilize recent Labor Type changes
      The drop-down when selecting a Task User now displays each user along with their Role, which displays the role or roles assigned to the user through the Labor Type assignment within their Personnel Setup record. (6762)

Schema Changes




    Below is a link to access a list of all videos.
    Video Listing

Below are the latest videos available for learning more about MoversSuite. Please view the MoversSuite Training tab to see these and more videos arranged by functional area.

Videos with quizzes can be viewed without taking the quiz (you will be prompted when the video is loaded). Quizzing is a great way to enforce what you’ve learned.

Account Profiles 7:30 4.4
AR Credit & Collections – Basic functionality and usage QUIZ 14:53 4.58
Bookmarks (webcast) 23:12 4.98
Claims Processing I 18:16 3.12
Claims Processing II 18:00 3.12
Claims Processing III 18:22 3.12
Data Grids – Using MoversSuite Data Grids QUIZ 6:29 4.4
Data Grids – Using MoversSuite Data Grids (pt. 2) QUIZ 8:40 4.4
Data Grids – Copy from a MoversSuite Data Grids to Microsoft Excel 2:07 4.36
Document Management QUIZ 6:58 4.62
Find – Using the MoversSuite Find to retrieve orders 4:15 4.6
Find – MoversSuite Quick Find 2:43 4.4
Invoicing QUIZ 12:16 4.40
Local Dispatch – Part 1 QUIZ 9:17 4.10
Local Dispatch – Part 2 QUIZ 12:58 4.10
Local Dispatch – Part 3 7:17 4.10
Long Distance Dispatch QUIZ 12:48 4.30
MoversSuite Administration 9:10 4.6
MoversSuite Administration – Defining Commission Plans (webcast) 26:28 4.96
MoversSuite Administration – Merging Personnel Records 1:31 5.00.0
MoversSuite Administration – Tasks Administration QUIZ 23:50 4.64
MoversSuite Application – Online Help QUIZ 6:03 4.92
MoversSuite Application – MoversSuite Help (webcast) 25:09 4.92
MoversSuite Overview Part 1 – Order Entry Basics QUIZ 8:07 4.0
MoversSuite Overview Part 2 – Local Services & Dispatching QUIZ 7:36 4.0
MoversSuite Overview Part 3 – Revenue Entry Basics QUIZ 4:10 4.0
MoversSuite Overview Part 4 – Basic Modules QUIZ 10:52 4.0
Order Information – Shipper Contact Information 3:58 4.58
Payment Management – Generic File Import (webcast) 32:10 4.96
Payment Management (webcast) 42:37 4.86
Payment Management – Payment Application Functions QUIZ 15:31 4.86
Payment Management – Payment Application Navigation 6:15 4.86
Payment Management – Voiding a Cash Receipt Batch (webcast) 13:16 4.88
Quote Tool (webcast) 21:50 5.01.1
Revenue Entry Basics – Part 1 (webcast) 25:54 4.58
Revenue Entry Basics – Part 2 (webcast) 21:51 4.58
Revenue Entry – Reductions QUIZ 15:46 4.64
Tasks – Working with Tasks to keep up on your to-do list QUIZ 10:16 4.54
Tasks – Using Tasks (webcast) QUIZ 29:09 4.64

Top of the listing

This section lists all available training video and webcasts arranged by functional area, e.g. “Move Management,” “Payment Management,” etc. Many of these videos are also available through the Videos tab, which lists the most recently created videos and webcasts.

These videos provide a great overview of the MoversSuite application taking the user from order entry through basic revenue entry functions.

Title Length Version User Type
MoversSuite Overview I: Order Entry Basics (w/Quiz)  8:07 4.0 All Users
MoversSuite Overview II: Local Services & Dispatching (w/Quiz)  7:36 4.0 All Users
MoversSuite Overview III: Revenue Entry Basics (w/Quiz)  4:10 4.0 All Users
MoversSuite Overview IV: Basic Modules (w/Quiz)  10:52 4.0 All Users


We’ll cover some basic functions in these videos, such as using the Find to pull up orders, using the Data Grids, which is the spreadsheet-like way MoversSuite displays bulk data, and Tasks, which are to-do lists assigned to key personnel.

Title Length Version User Type
Bookmarks (webcast) 23:12 4.98 All Users
Data Grids – Using MoversSuite Data Grids (w/Quiz) 6:29 4.4 All Users
Data Grids – Using MoversSuite Data Grids (pt. 2) (w/Quiz)  8:40 4.4 All Users
Data Grids – Copy from a MoversSuite Data Grids to Microsoft Excel 2:07 4.36 All Users
Find – Using the MoversSuite Find to retrieve orders 4:15 4.6 All Users
Find – MoversSuite's Quick Find 2:43 4.4 All Users
MoversSuite Administration 9:10 4.6 Admin
MoversSuite Administration – Merging Personnel Records 1:31 5.00.0
MoversSuite Help (webcast) 25:09 4.92 All Users
Online Help: Using Online Help 6:03 4.94 All Users
Order Information – Shipper Contact Information 3:58 4.58 All Users
Tasks – Working with MoversSuite Tasks (w/Quiz) 10:16 4.6 CS/Billing*
Tasks I – Administrating Tasks (Webcast w/Quiz) 23:50 4.64 Admin
Tasks II – Using Tasks (Webcast w/Quiz) 29:09 4.64 CS/Billing*

*-Customer Service and Revenue Billing


Key functional areas and processes of Move Management will be covered in these videos.

Title Length Version User Type
Account Profiles 7:30 4.4 Customer Service
Branch Setup 17:24 3.12 Admin
Document Management (w/Quiz) 6:58 4.62 All Users
International Orders Processing 15:45 3.12 All Users
Invoicing (w/Quiz) 12:16 4.40 Revenue/Billing
Local Dispatch I (w/Quiz)  9:17 4.10 Operations/Dispatch
Local Dispatch II (w/Quiz)  12:58 4.10 Operations/Dispatch
Local Dispatch III 7:17 4.10 Beginner
Long Distance Dispatch (w/Quiz) 12:48 4.30 Operations/Dispatch
Quote Tool (webcast) 21:50 5.01 All Users
Quotes 19:38 3.12 All Users





Title Length Version User Type
Third Party Application Errors 3.12 All Users
Quotes to Go Upload 3:30 4.2 All Users



Title Length Version User Type
Claims Processing I 18:16 3.12 Claims
Claims Processing II 18:00 3.12 Claims
Claims Processing III 18:22 3.12 Claims



Title Length Version User Type
Revenue Entry Basics (webcast – part 1) 25:54 4.58 Revenue/Billing
Revenue Entry Basics (webcast – part 2) 21:51 4.58 Revenue/Billing
Basic Revenue Entry 17:44 3.12 Revenue/Billing
Basics (pt. 1) 8:44 3.12 Revenue/Billing
Basics (pt. 2) 8:05 3.12 Revenue/Billing
Basics (pt. 3) 7:22 3.12 Revenue/Billing
Reductions (webcast – w/Quiz) 15:45 4.64 Revenue/Billing



Title Length Version User Type
Entering a Cash Receipt 15:02 3.12 Payments
Editing & Voiding 8:25 3.12 Payments
Processing (pt. 1) 13:13 3.12 Payments
Processing (pt. 2) 14:54 3.12 Payments



Title Length Version User Level
Payment Management (webcast) 42:37 4.86 Payments
Payment Management – Generic File Import (webcast) 32:10 4.96 Payments
Payment Management – Payment Application Functions (w/Quiz) 15:31 4.86 Payments
Payment Management – Payment Application Navigation 6:15 4.86 Payments
Payment Management – Void a Cash Receipt Batch (webcast) 13:16 4.88 Payments
Payment Management Basics (pt. 1) 13:23 3.12 Payments
Payment Management Basics (pt. 2) 11:38 3.12 Payments
Van Line Statement Import 11:53 3.12 Payments
Van Line Statement Splitting 10:45 3.12 Payments
Van Line Statement Expense Application 20:21 3.12 Payments
Van Line Statement Claims with Claims Module 19:38 3.12 Payments
Van Line Statement Claims without Claims Module 23:52 3.12 Payments

End of Year Dynamics GP clips

Below is a list of videos designed to ease you through your end of year processing.

Top of the listing


These videos cover the updates made to specific versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Top of the listing

General Functionality

These clips relate to end-of-year procedures, navigation and setting up new users or years.

Title User Level
1099s Advanced
Fixed Assets Year-End Close for GP2010 Intermediate
Macros Beginner
Navigation Beginner
New Fiscal Year Beginner
New User Setup Beginner
2013 Payroll Year End for GP2010 (W-2 Data Source:pdf-icon GP Update:pdf-icon) Beginner
Year-End Close Beginner

Top of the listing

Customers & Vendors

These clips cover setting up new customers and vendor.

Title User Level
Customer Setup Beginner
Customer Class Beginner
Vendor Setup Beginner
Vendor Class Beginner
Vendor Maintenance Beginner

Top of the listing

Payables Management

These videos cover entering items, writing checks, voiding and reporting for A/P.

Title User Level
A/P Transaction Entry Beginner
Edit Check Intermediate
Edit Check Batch Intermediate
Edit Check Build Batch Intermediate
GP2010 Check Process Intermediate
Manual Payments Beginner
MSS Import Intermediate
Master Posting Intermediate
Select Checks Build Batch Intermediate
Trial Balance Beginner
Void Transactions Beginner

Top of the listing

Receivables Management and General Ledger

These videos cover entering and voiding A/R and GL transactions.

Top of the listing

Bank & Smart List

This section covers items related to bank reconciliation and Smartlist reporting.

Top of the listing

Financial Reporting

This is an overview of using available tools to enhance your financial reporting.

Title User Level
FRx Reporting Advanced
Management Reporter Beginner

Top of the listing