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Version 4.100

Release Date: 7/28/2014
Listed in this section is the release information for the latest MoversSuite version available.

× FOR A COMPLETE LIST OF CHANGES: Please read the details for all versions between the release you are coming from and the release you are going to.

Past Versions Information


Refer to the Hardware Requirements topic in our System Requirements for more information on the requirements for Microsoft Dynamics 2013.

Upgrade Check Program Download and unzip the following program and run it on your application server. It checks your system for the prerequisite software needed prior to upgrading MoversSuite.
Download Upgrade Check Program

Known Issues

    • There are issues with phone number rankings in Shipper Contact Information section (on the Name, Address, Phone tab) not setting correctly through Citrix (6409).



Release Fixes

General Fixes:

    • Field Label Change on Claim Find
      An SQL exception appeared when generating advance transactions for a newly added employee. The exception was a result of missing permissions to the ItemTableType entry. The MssExec role, which is part of MoversSuite User Setup for SQL Security, has been updated to include the EXECUTE permissions to the ItemTableType entry (6703).
    • Revenue Clerk not set when Duplicating Orders
      An issue with the Create Duplicate Order function not populating the Revenue Clerk is now fixed (6432).

Schema Changes

Click here for a graphical interpretation of the MoversSuite database schema (4.100)




Here we feature two sections of videos. The first section lists videos designed for the new user or as refresher courses. The second section contains videos on advanced topics that build upon the knowledge of the first section and are designed with insight so you can make the best of MoversSuite functionality. Click here to jump to the Advanced video listing.

Click on a title to view one of the many training videos we offer. Titles indicating “quiz enabled” are those in which you can optionally take a quiz or not; you are asked at the start of the video if you want to watch the video only or watch it and take the quiz.

New to MoversSuite or need a refresher course?

This section features videos to assist you in getting a good understanding of the basic functionality and usage of the MoversSuite application. Please see the advanced section below for videos on specific and advanced usage.

Account Profiles 7:30 4.4
AR Credit & Collections: Basic functionality and usage QUIZ 14:53 4.58
Claims Processing I 18:16 3.12
Claims Processing II 18:00 3.12
Claims Processing III 18:22 3.12
Data Grids – Using MoversSuite Data Grids QUIZ 6:29 4.4
Data Grids – Using MoversSuite Data Grids (pt. 2) QUIZ 8:40 4.4
Data Grids – Copy from a MoversSuite Data Grids to Microsoft Excel 2:07 4.36
Document Management QUIZ 6:58 4.62
Find – Using the MoversSuite Find to retrieve orders 4:15 4.6
Find – MoversSuite Quick Find 2:43 4.4
Invoicing QUIZ 12:16 4.40
Local Dispatch Part 1 QUIZ 9:17 4.10
Local Dispatch Part 2 QUIZ 12:58 4.10
Local Dispatch Part 3 7:17 4.10
Long Distance Dispatch QUIZ 12:48 4.30
MoversSuite Administration 9:10 4.6
MoversSuite Overview Part 1: Order Entry Basics QUIZ 8:07 4.0
MoversSuite Overview Part 2: Local Services & Dispatching QUIZ 7:36 4.0
MoversSuite Overview Part 3: Revenue Entry Basics QUIZ 4:10 4.0
MoversSuite Overview Part 4: Basic Modules QUIZ 10:52 4.0
Online Help: Using the Online Help QUIZ 6:03 4.94
Payment Management Webcast 42:37 4.86
Payment Management Payment Application Functions QUIZ 15:31 4.86
Payment Management Payment Application Navigation 6:15 4.86
Revenue Entry Basics Webcast (part 1) 25:54 4.58
Revenue Entry Basics Webcast (part 2) 21:51 4.58
Shipper Contact Information 3:58 4.58
Tasks – Working with Tasks to keep up on your to-do list QUIZ 10:16 4.54

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Advanced Videos

This section features videos designed for users wanting to learn how they can use certain functionality to enhance their processes and efficiencies within the moving industry.

Quotes to Go Upload 3:20 4.2
Reductions QUIZ 15:46 4.64
Tasks I – Administrating Tasks QUIZ 23:50 4.64
Tasks II – Using Tasks QUIZ 29:09 4.64

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Release Overview Videos

This section lists the videos covering the updates made to various releases of MoversSuite.

MoversSuite Version 4.86 5:41
MoversSuite Version 4.58: Shipper Contact Information 3:58
MoversSuite Version 4.44: Customer Contact 1:44
MoversSuite Version 4.44: Advanced Interfund :47
MoversSuite Version 4.44: Invoicing with Avalara 1:03
MoversSuite Version 4.44: Military EDI Integration 1:06
MoversSuite Version 4.30: Release Overview 9:30
MoversSuite Version 4.30: General Changes 4:18
MoversSuite Version 4.30: Move Management Changes 3:59
MoversSuite Version 4.30: Revenue Entry Changes 2:46
MoversSuite Version 4.30: MoversSuite Administration 9:10
MoversSuite Version 4.4: General & Sales Lead Changes 1:06
MoversSuite Version 4.4: Local Dispatch Changes 1:27
MoversSuite Version 4.4: Revenue Entry Changes 3:35
MoversSuite Version 4.4: Revenue Reductions Changes 2:50
MoversSuite Version 4.4: Claims Changes 1:15
MoversSuite Version 4.4: Quotes to Go Upload Enhancements 3:25

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End of Year Dynamics GP clips

Below is a list of videos designed to ease you through your end of year processing.

  • 1099s
  • Fixed Assets Year-End Close for GP2010
  • How to create a new fiscal year
  • 2013 Payroll Year End for GP2010 (W-2 Data Source:pdf-icon GP Update:pdf-icon)
  • Year-End Close
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    These videos cover the updates made to specific versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

    • Dynamics GP 2013 Updates
    • Dynamics GP 2010 Updates
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      General Functionality

      These clips relate to end-of-year procedures, navigation and setting up new users or years.

      Title User Level
      1099s Advanced
      Fixed Assets Year-End Close for GP2010 Intermediate
      Macros Beginner
      Navigation Beginner
      New Fiscal Year Beginner
      New User Setup Beginner
      2013 Payroll Year End for GP2010 (W-2 Data Source:pdf-icon GP Update:pdf-icon) Beginner
      Year-End Close Beginner

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      Customers & Vendors

      These clips cover setting up new customers and vendor.

      Title User Level
      Customer Setup Beginner
      Customer Class Beginner
      Vendor Setup Beginner
      Vendor Class Beginner
      Vendor Maintenance Beginner

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      Payables Management

      These videos cover entering items, writing checks, voiding and reporting for A/P.

      Title User Level
      A/P Transaction Entry Beginner
      Edit Check Intermediate
      Edit Check Batch Intermediate
      Edit Check Build Batch Intermediate
      GP2010 Check Process Intermediate
      Manual Payments Beginner
      MSS Import Intermediate
      Master Posting Intermediate
      Select Checks Build Batch Intermediate
      Trial Balance Beginner
      Void Transactions Beginner

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      Receivables Management and General Ledger

      These videos cover entering and voiding A/R and GL transactions.

      Title User Level
      A/P and A/R Reconciliation Advanced
      A/R Transaction Entry Beginner
      Apply & Void AR Documents Beginner
      Budgets and Miscellaneous Routines Intermediate
      Customer Maintenance Intermediate
      Enter GL Accounts Beginner
      General Journal Entry Intermediate
      MSS AR Auto Apply Beginner
      Trial Balance Beginner
      Trial Balance & Reports Beginner

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      Bank & Smart List

      This section covers items related to bank reconciliation and Smartlist reporting.

      Title User Level
      Bank Deposit Entry Beginner
      Bank Deposits and Bank Reconciliation Beginner
      Bank Transaction Entry Beginner
      Enter Checkbooks Beginner
      SmartList Builder Advanced
      Smart List I Beginner
      Smart List II Beginner
      SmartList Designer Advanced

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      Financial Reporting

      This is an overview of using available tools to enhance your financial reporting.

      Title User Level
      FRx Reporting Advanced
      Management Reporter Beginner

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