MoversSuite Ultimate

MoversSuite Ultimate is designed for the moving company – either through foresight or experience – that knows a fully integrated system from customer service to financials is a must. Building upon the functionality found in MoversSuite Premier, MoversSuite Ultimate closes the business process loop by integrating a full accounting system* that is not only used by 41,000 companies worldwide, but has been fully customized to address the unique needs of the moving industry.

MoversSuite Ultimate – Features


Use the Order Information module to enter and manage orders in MoversSuite from lead creation, to booking, to adding recurring billing and local services, to final billing. Any basic move request can be handled within Order Information and it is primarily used to enter and manage general household goods, military, and commercial leads, estimates, and orders. Manage a bulk of all move related data from Order Information.

  • Domestic
    Manage all facets of a move taking place within the borders.
  • Military
    Military and government moves generally require special documentation and report processing. The MoversSuite Military/Government module offers the ability to book these orders along with providing tools to process most of the required documents.
  • International
    Users can manage information related to international orders through two tabs: Shipping Information and Container/Lift Van/Airbox Information. Shipping Information details the transportation sources, port data, service providers, all shipping dates, etc., while the Container/Lift Van/Airbox Information tab documents the specifics of containers, lift vans, and air boxes associated to an international move. Data entered can quickly be accessed through custom documents generated using bookmark fields, used to generate quotes, or exchanged with a third party application (van line).
  • Special Services
    Manage shipments requiring special handling and tracking, such as electronics, store rollout, and 2nd and 3rd proviso shipments, through the Special Services module. The module is built upon Order Information with the addition of the Store Information tab and related setup and reporting.

  • Revenue Invoicing
    Use Revenue Entry to enter and manage revenue and related expense of an in-house move request or that imported from an external application, such as a van line. Revenue Entry provides summary posting data and invoicing options and the ability to generate transactions sent to and posted in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Commission Calculation
    Commissions are how a moving company often pays its drivers, sales people, and other personnel associated to an order. They are, in general terms, a certain percentage of a revenue items, such as hauling or fuel surcharge.
  • Storage Invoicing
    Allows recurring billing to be generated through a given date and automatically invoiced.
  • Driver Advance Processing
    In MoversSuite, commissions generate automatically based on Commission Plan assignment and item codes. Users can also adjust commissions and enter them manually as well as create split commissions.
  • Cash Receipt
    Cash Receipts provides a quick and efficient means of entering receipts for all company sales transactions including walk-in material sales, storage, local own authority and international moves. It provides a mechanism to associate orders that feed directly into Payment Management allowing order-related accounting transactions processing and posting.
  • Electronic Payments
    MoversSuite allows you to process electronic payments in a safe, secure, and efficient manner. The Electronic Payments system allows your company to process payments from credit cards or directly from a bank account while utilizing a cost-effective merchant provider (currently Constellation Payments CSI Pay).
  • Payment Processing
    Payment Management is a batch processing tool used to apply and adjust payments and charges created through batches entered manually, through the Cash Receipts module, or through imported statements from a van line.
  • AR Credit & Collections
    AR Credit & Collections provides a visual snapshot of customer standing in regards to company receivables directly linked with current Microsoft Dynamics GP data. Alert messages notify collectors when certain criteria warrant action and a task and activity system to ensure that users are on track and manage Account Receivables effectively.
  • Claims Processing
  • Fully Integrated Financials
    • Accounts Receivables
    • Accounts Payable
    • General Ledger
    • Financial Reporting

  • Local
    The Local Dispatch module provides dispatchers an efficient way of managing local service requests including crew and equipment assignment, time management of services, work ticket generation, status updates, email notifications, and more.
  • Long Distance
    Dispatchers can manage interstate and intrastate long haul transportation requests using the Long Distance Dispatch module. Dispatchers can find and work requests through the Orders tab then move to the Current Driver Activity tab to make driver trip assignments and process advances among other tasks such as adding new orders, viewing order history and safety information, and adding new foreign orders.
  • Driver Advance Management
    The Driver Advances system not only allows a user to create an advance to a driver quickly and easily from within dispatch, but allows for accounting transactions to be generated and uploaded to Microsoft Dynamics GP and, optionally, to a banking service provider.

The Claims System provides a company a tool for entering and tracking a claim against an order and managing claim settlement. The module provides users the ability to manage payments, generate invoices, and create forms and letters, etc. for one screen.

MoversSuite Document Management is an automated storage and retrieval system that handles all move-related documents, such as BOL, invoices, estimates, emails, images spreadsheets, etc., and shares them between all MoversSuite users.

Default values for MoversSuite orders can be automatically set using Account Profiles.

The Container Management screen allows users to view and manage containers within MoversSuite. This includes the ability to assign and release containers from orders, modify the status of container, create reports of container tracking, and more.

The Letter Management system allows you to create document templates containing MoversSuite order data. You then reference these document templates through various report functions to generate letters and email messages.

Use the Job Costing window available through the Tools Menu to calculate the anticipated revenue of local service requests for an order. The purpose behind Job Costing is to provide an estimate of how much services cost the company before staff records revenue.

Available through the Tools Menu, the Order History screen keeps track of changes made to several key fields on an order.

The Tasks System allows users to effectively manage their workflows by providing assigned users a to-do list of action items complete with due dates based on key move dates and dynamically updated when changes are made.


  • Van Line
    Provides connections to the van line systems allowing data to seamlessly flow between the systems.
  • Allied, North American (SIRVA)
    Order download, order upload, QLAB lead download, statement processing
  • Atlas
    Order download, revenue download, statement processing
  • Mayflower, United (UniGroup)
    Order download, order upload, Quotes to Go upload, Quotes to Go download, TransDocs integration, rating download (PRIC), revenue distribution download (RDBS), memo download
  • HHG Estimating
    • TechMate SalesMate
      MoversSuite integrates with TechMate allowing estimates generated in TechMate FirstMate to import directly into Revenue Import. Likewise, MoversSuite packing counts can be exported to TechMate for estimation and then returned through the import process.
  • Driver Advances
    • T-Check
      Driver advances upload
    • Comdata
      Driver advances upload
  • Financial
    • Avalara Sales Tax Calculation
      MoversSuite integrates with Avalara ( to offer a sales tax computation within Invoicing. The system can compute the tax on items automatically or users will find a Calculate button to generate sales tax on the listed line items.
    • PowerTrack EDI Invoicing

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Client Testimonial

We have been able to increase our overall efficiency by about 60% since partnering with MoversSuite.

– Anita Ellefson, Vice President of Operational Support – ADSI Moving Systems, Inc.

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