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Newsletter #19 through browser #19 (January 2011)
  • Training: Document Management Training and updated year-end Microsoft Dynamics GP clips
  • Q&A: What is the difference between an Order Status of Cancelled and an Order Status of Voided?
  • Q&A: Can a user cancel a work ticket?
Newsletter #18 through browser #18 (December 2010)
  • Refresh Update
  • Training: Using MoversSuite Online Help
  • Q&A: Did you know that the SHIFT key can be used to multi-select and sort data in MoversSuite data grids?
Newsletter #17 through browser #17 (October 2010)
  • Training: Great Plains Budget and Misc Routines
  • Training: Finding Orders in MoversSuite
  • EWS Group Named to 2010 President's Club
Newsletter #16 through browser #16 (September 2010)
  • Training: MoversSuite Commission Statement to GP Check
  • Training: Using MoversSuite Online Help
  • Q&A: Is there a quick way of identifying all branches associated to the service branch in Local Dispatch?
  • Q&A: What special characters, such as an underscore or a question mark, are not supported as SharePoint file names?
Newsletter #15 through browser #15 (July 2010)
  • Training: Claims Processing Training
  • Training: Video Class List Updated
  • HIRE Act Affects on GP Users
  • Version 3.12 of MoversSuite in Beta
Newsletter #14 through browser #14 (May 2010)
  • MoversSuite v3.11.3 Release Announcement
  • User Survey: Module Navigation
Newsletter #13 through browser #13 (April 2010)
  • User Survey: Module Navigation
  • Q&A: Third Party App Menu
  • Q&A: Upgrade Release/Patch
Newsletter #12 through browser #12 (March 2010)
  • Local Dispatch Training
  • Spring 2010 Release
  • Q&A: What is a Refresh?
  • Q&A: Is there a way to create a collections letter using an alternate billing address for a customer?
Newsletter #11 through browser #11 (February 2010)
  • MoversSuite v3.10 Released
  • EWS Group Rollout
  • Accessing Past Training Classes
  • Q&A: What grids can have data exported from them?
Newsletter #10 through browser #10 (January 2010)
  • Online Training Classes
  • Newsletter Subscription Page
  • Q&A: Who has the authority to approve a self-haul request?
  • Q&A: Is there a quick way to see all customers belonging to a particular class?
Newsletter #9 through browser #9 (October 2009)
  • Fall 2010 Release: AR Credit & Collections, Voting Enhancements (Payment Management Inquiry, Tasks Improvements, etc.)
  • Products: EWS Group
  • Employee Spotlight: Joe Eckert
  • Q&A: What reports offer personnel data?
  • Q&A: Where can I find instructions for the Customer Web Portal setup?
  • Q&A: How can I add a branch to MoversSuite?
Newsletter #8 through browser #8 (July 2009)
  • First HTML edition
  • Introducing Document Management
  • Mid-Year Release
  • Fall 2010 Sneak Preview: AR Credit & Collections, Voting Enhancements
  • Products: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) and SharePoint Services (WSS)
  • Employee Spotlight: Darla Gillaspie
  • Q&A: How does the Dispatching Common View work?
  • Q&A: Where can the estimate date for an order be found in MoversSuite?
  • Q&A: Is it possible to show only the non-finalized statements in Commission Statement Management?
  • Q&A: What move dates affect a storage billing run?
  • Q&A: Is there an option that would allow the default hours per laborer (Hrs/Man) to be updated manually?
  • Q&A: Is there a way to create a new task without copying an existing one?
  • Q&A: What screens can be resized in MoversSuite?
  • In Short: Computing drive times automatically
  • In Short: Missing Documentation?
  • In Short: Blog Update: Payment Management Inquiry and Tasks Improvements
  • In Short: CTRL+Print Screen and ALT+Print Screen
Newsletter #7 as PDF #7 (April 2009)
  • Product Update for Version 3.8
  • Blog Update: Maroon Beta Release, Documenting Third Party Errors
  • Did You Know: Order request can be accepted from Rating Send until it has been delivered; Content screen refreshes the data; help page within online help
  • Q&A: Phone numbers not appearing in Claims grid; How to set the OA Coordinator; clearing time values; UniGroup memos not downloading to notes; viewing valid country codes; automatic email generation
  • From Support: Follow-up Training: Avoiding the Time Vampire; PSA Rollout
  • Tech Tips: Ad hoc reporting based on MoversSuite Data Models; Column Identifying SQL Script
Newsletter #6 as PDF #6 (January 2009)
  • Headlines: Spring savings, new blog site, final update on annual user conference
  • Products: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, International module, Claims module
  • Best Practices: Customer Statements for Storage Items, Finding Your Way in the Online Help
  • Tip from the Field: Using Dispatch Status to Communicate Crew Arrival Times to Job Coordinators
  • Admin Corner: Keeping up with Van Line Codes, Unable to Log In to Web Administration
Newsletter #5 as PDF #5 (October 2008)
  • Version 3.7 (Fall 2008) Release Update
  • Products: Driver Advances, Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Conference Calendar
  • New Customers: Daryl Flood Moving Services, Holman Moving Systems
  • Awards: Microsoft Dynamics Presidentís Club
  • New Employee: Matt Luckhaupt
  • Tips: Identifying Idle Services, Order Number Defined (with Lead and Order Creation options), Use the Rates by Rate Plan Report
  • Administrative Corner: Manager Flag
Newsletter #4 as PDF #4 (July 2008)
  • Moverís Suite User Conference
  • Tip: Find
  • Tech Note: Viewing import errors through the Xml Import Error table
  • Quick Tip: Icons
  • Best Practice: Always set the national account on an order
  • Best Practice: Entering spousal information for an order
Newsletter #3 as PDF #3 (April 2008)
  • Full description of 3.6 enhancements and additional features
  • Training for 3.6 notice
  • Map timeline of Moverís Suite
  • Employee spotlight: Anita Luce
  • Article: ďWho Moved My Cheese?Ē
  • Tip: Task Dependency Dates
  • Tip: Created On Date
  • Tech Note: Link to more resources for Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Newsletter #2 as PDF #2 (January 2008)
  • Features of the Spring 2008 release
  • User Conference survey request
  • Call-in phone support options
  • Smart Text Date Fields
  • FAQ: What are the supported hotkeys and shortcut keystrokes available in Moverís Suite
  • Tip: Report and Letters report
  • Tip: User Details List report
Newsletter #1 as PDF #1 (October 2007)
  • Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  • Version 3.5.0 Overview
  • Introduction to the Online Help and new documentation
  • FAQ: Moverís Suite Support Hours
  • FAQ: How to submit a support incident to Moverís Suite
  • FAQ: What does it mean to be a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner?
  • Tip: Custom Grid layouts

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