Avalara integrated-seal

The complexity of sales tax computation is reduced to a trouble-free and automatic process.
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Data Masons integrated-seal

Data Mason provides electronic billing designed specifically for military EDI invoicing that is seamless and accurate.
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TechMate International

TechMate International integrated-seal

TechMate International, the industry leader in quantity surveys and estimate production software, brings portable data collection to the estimator/sales person. TechMate’s Pocket SalesMate is a completely integrated, hand-held device running powerful, customizable software that speeds survey and estimating work, while improving accuracy. MoversSuite software tightly integrates with TechMate International, making field data collection and estimate generation a snap and driving subsequent workflows.
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MoversSuite software Third Party Application Affiliates

Our affiliates offer a wide range of products and systems that capture move-related information directly from MoversSuite using our third party application integration. This means less key strokes for employees, reduced service problems resulting from incorrect data entry, and expanded functionality for your organization.


Alliance Relocation Services, Inc.

Alliance Relocation Services, Inc is a leading provider of crating and specialty relocation (3rd party) services. Much like The EWS Group, Alliance is committed to developing and implementing the most useful and effective management software available in the industry. We also believe it is critical and make the communication between our customers and service technicians as easy as is possible…key strokes are the enemy! It is for this reason, we are pleased to work with the EWS Group customers to enable this simple, scalable and easy to use integration system that streamlines the order entry process.

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Custom Movers Services

Custom Movers Services

CMS is your complete nationwide 3rd party resource. Providing partnerships to custom crate & uncrate, service appliances; and handle items such as pool tables, plasma TV’s, play systems, shranks, fitness equipment, electronics, light fixtures, furniture, and more. We understand that “YOUR REPUTATION IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY”.

Sending and managing your 3rd party requests has never been easier in MoversSuite. With our easy-to-upload integration package one can submit a 3rd party orders in seconds, and quickly access and manage all their requests with just a click of the mouse. Click the LEARN MORE link to access our easy to follow instructions on how to download this wonderful upgrade.

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JE Kelleher, Inc. logo

JE Kelleher, Inc.

JE Kelleher is a leader in providing full 3rd Party Service for the United States and Canada focusing on Quality of Service and ease of managing 3rd Party Service orders. JE Kelleher is fully integrated with MoversSuite, where as directly from MoversSuite, customers can place orders, request quotes and access orders.

JE Kelleher is distinctly different by offering a data feed that synchronizes order information between MoversSuite and JE Kelleher’s JEKSync tools every 15 minutes. The JEKSync tools saves significant time for customers by not having to update 3rd Party order information manually. Information that is part of the JEKSync tools includes updates to Pack/Load/Delivery Dates, Addresses, Phone Numbers and other information part of the MoversSuite data processing.

JE Kelleher believes that one system is enough to maintain and with today’s technology we can leverage these tools to make managing orders more efficient with less service delivery failures due to communication.

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MSS, Inc.

MSS Services are fully integrated with MoversSuite offering you quick access to Relocation Specialty Services and Crating. You may set up MSS Services in MoversSuite for Origin, Destination or Both Origin and Destination. If you have already sent in an order for this customer, you can View and Update the Order.

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OneMove is a technology company founded by movers to create products for movers. Our pre-move Video Survey and VISI, Variable Itemized Systematic Inventory, blend intelligent technology with our experienced team of moving experts to create an inventory experience that’s better for your customers, and more accurate and efficient for you. With our MoversSuite integration, OneMove clients can transfer shipper information directly to a Video Survey request on our platform with the click of a button..

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RMS Logo

RMS Relocation Movers’ Services, Inc

RMS is one of the nation’s leading third party service providers. Whether your move is around the corner or across the continent, no service is too large and no detail too small.

From appliance service and custom crating, to furniture, fitness equipment and technology assembly or a complete household setup with cleaning and closet organization – every project is tracked and monitored by our customer service coordinators from inception to completion.

RMS is integrated with Movers Suite allowing you to place an instant quote or order-directly into the RMS website. Once your quote or order is placed you may access it directly from Movers Suite to view, update, live chat and retrieve documents.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Affiliates

Greenshades Software

Greenshades Software

Greenshades Software has been a leading provider of e-filing solutions since 1996, helping companies manage both day to day and challenging payroll concerns. Greenshades provides a variety of tax and non-tax related products making it easy to deal with reporting, payroll and HR processes. Our company is built upon providing excellent customer service and empowering our solutions with cutting-edge technology. We are dedicated to supplying software that solves real problems and providing world-class support to make doing business easier for our customers. Ask us about our new employee web portal and electronic W2 solutions.

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Mekorma MICR

Mekorma MICR

Mekorma MICR can help almost any business that uses Microsoft Dynamics GP and prints checks. Mekorma MICR:

  • makes it easy to manage multiple checkbooks.
  • gives you greater protection against check fraud and errors.
  • gives you smart auto-signing capabilities.
  • automatically collates and copies your checks.
  • allows you to use secure, blank check stock.

Using blank check stock increases security and dramatically reduces processing time and errors. The standard Microsoft Dynamics GP check printing is seamlessly replaced by the Mekorma MICR check printing process so there is almost nothing new for employees to learn. Mekorma MICR can be customized to integrate with other databases as well. Mekorma MICR is the only MICR check printing solution created especially for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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